How To Hide Apps On Android
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How to Hide Apps on Android

How to Hide Apps on Android:Hiding something could be an approach that folks keep things safe or personal. Hiding is a way to protect your personal privacy.

People will hide apps on their device is to protect info like personal details, property, or business secrets from being compromised within the event their phone is stolen or lost.

How to Hide Apps on Android

Hiding these apps cleans up the user expertise and may facilitate your device perform higher. Finally, some android devices come back loaded with bloat ware that clutters the device. These useless applications will interfere with finding the apps you utilize most frequently, and may cause confusion or maybe slow your device down if they’re running constantly.

How to Hide Apps on Android

Hiding apps on an android device is the first issue to understand regarding that there’s not built-in way to keep your apps secret. That doesn’t mean you’re fully while not choices. Simply that hiding your apps won’t be as simple (or as intuitive) because it can be. That said, a way to cover apps doesn’t very hide them at all.

 Hide Apps on Android

Instead of hiding apps, disable them and it will take away them from your App Drawer and stop them from using system resources. It’s simple to disable an app:

  1. On your android device, move to Settings > Apps.
  2. Tap the app you’d prefer to disable.
  3. On the App information page, tap Disable.
  4. A confirmation message seems. If you’re certain you wish to disable the app, tap Disable.
  5. You can no longer seem in your App Drawer, The app is disabled.

Apps that aren’t pre-installed on your device (that you download from the Google Play Store or different sources) can’t sometimes be disabled. Hiding those apps could be a very little additional concerned. You’ll like a third-party app to induce it done.

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The basics of hiding your files and apps

While some makers have more ‘vault’ options to produce a secure space on handsets stock android hasn’t been superb at handling the necessity to by selection show files and folders by default.

What users with any version of robot will do for an extremely basic privacy fix is alter the names of the folders holding the content you wish to hide? Therefore if you wish to hide your pictures, open up a file explorer (there’s a basic one designed into android marshmallow and newer), and choose the folder with the pictures you wish to hide and alter its name. Now, it will not show your pictures in your gallery or files in folders.

How to Hide Apps on Android

Of course, it is not very hidden although – android isn’t automatically pull the data onto your display any longer, however if you lose your phone the files are still totally accessible.

Hide your apps

If you simply wish to hide, instead of secure, your apps, one in every of the best ways in which to do this is often by installing a non-stock launcher (assuming your manufacturer hasn’t provided a native possibility for hiding apps). There are an entire heap to decide on from that allow you hide apps, however among the foremost well-liked on the Play Store is the ever-present nova Launcher.

Nova Launcher

While there is a free version of nova Launcher, you will need the paid Prime upgrade to unlock the choice to hide apps. If you buy that, you will need to navigate to nova Launcher > nova settings >App drawers and so scroll right down to the Drawer teams > Hide apps possibility.


One of the foremost standard free options on the Play Store to add a lock to your apps is AppLock; it works for videos and pictures too, however we have additional suggestions to lock those things later.

As well as permitting you to lock apps and different things, it is also got a helpful feature that enables you to stop the app being uninstalled. Once this Advanced Protection is activated, you will need to use the password that you simply set to uninstall the app. you’ll additionally disable the Advanced Protection after you ought not to use it.

 Hide Apps on Android

One issue that is value keeping in mind is that there is another version known as ‘AppLock Fingerprint,’ even if each app currently supports fingerprint unlocking. It additionally brings different choices, sort of a selfie snap of anyone making an attempt to access your phone while not authorization and also the ability to lock your phone remotely. Each provides paid in-app upgrades too.

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Once installed, you simply have to be compelled to scroll through a listing of your installed apps and choose which of them you wish to protect. Then, when you open one in every of those apps, you will be asked for a password or fingerprint to unlock them.

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