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Top 10 technology trends in 2019

Top 10 technology trends in 2019 :Technology is evolving very quickly. The following are the top 10 trending technologies that are predicted to acquire a large market.

1. Artificial Intelligence

2. Blockchain

3. Augmented reality and virtual reality

4. Cloud Computing

5. Angular and React

6. DevOps

7. Internet of Things (IoT)

8. 3D printing to manufacture products

9. Big Data

10. RPA (Robotic method Automation)

Top 10 technology trends in 2019

So, the countdown begins from here.

1)Artificial Intelligence (AI):

AI & deep machine learning AI & deep machine learning is getting used by investment banks, medical researchers, mechanism makers, market researchers and IT trade. Some are using it to mine shopper activity patterns to extend sales and match demand with offer right time, others are exploitation it for innovations and inventions.

Bioscience is using AI & deep machine learning to predict potential health risks by reading the DNA configuration and therefore the prospects to edit ordering for saving humans from terminal diseases.

IT trade is exploitation AI & deep machine learning to code software’s which will extend their options or fix bugs themselves. Though this section is featured across technology trends in 2019 however it’s not getting to fade for a minimum of 20 years from currently.

Artificial Intelligence

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Blockchain development Blockchain development is getting used by industrial giants to extend the protection of their web applications.

The businesses are still battling slow and costly process in blockchain that makes it unsuitable to be used on industrial scale.

Code firms throughout the planet are operating to develop new accord protocols, techniques to boost blockchain so it will work on minimalistic resources and leverage coming technology trends in 2019.


Understand however blockchain works and your career is assorted because the secure ledger this tech is predicated on!

3) Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

Microsoft’s HoloLens project has brought the thought of computing in increased reality to life.Since industries are exploitation it with VR headsets, the code industries see an excellent potential within the technology to become a social unit quite presently.

Engineers are operating around the clock to eliminate the necessity of VR headsets to expertise 3D computing and to lower the prices, so code firms might increase their profits with technology trends in 2019.

The hurdle is demand of huge computing power which will be presently out there through cloud services, quantum computers, 5G and scalable web applications.

Image result for VR and AR

4) Cloud Computing:

  • Cloud Computing is one in every of the foremost trending technologies which will keep common in 2019, while not a doubt, By permitting firms to save lots of cash and users to alter their computing desires.

Cloud Computing

It is the most different technology in given list are alive solely owing to the proliferation.

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5) Angular and React:

Currently we tend to are becoming into core tech.

  • JavaScript primarily based Frameworks Angular and React for making trendy internet applications.
  • Using React and Angular one will produce an extremely standard internet app.
  • So, for adding a replacement feature you don’t have to be compelled to bear loads of changes in your codebase. For more info: AngularJS Training in Bangalore

 Angular and React

  • Angular and React additionally permits you to form a native mobile application with constant JS, CSS data.

6) DevOps:

This is the odd one to get on the list. It’s not a technology, however a strategy.

DevOps cycle is picturized as an infinite loop representing the combination of developers and operation groups by:

  • Frequently measure application performance,
  • automating infrastructure and
  • Workflows.


DevOps is a methodology that ensures that each event and operations go hand in hand.

It is primarily the method of continual improvement; therefore why not begin with yourself. For more info Devops Training in Marathahalli

7) Internet of Things (IoT):

Internet of things web of things is explanation folks crazy enough to crave for home automation that folks are currently shopping for regarding twenty times costly product as a result of they provide sensible property.   

Home automation trade is slowly gaining momentum with new innovative product, even the code firms are orienting themselves to technological trends in 2019.

Web development firms are compelled to insert voice primarily based looking out in web application development and web site development as most of those merchandise use sensible voice assistants.

  • IoT basically is connecting several devices and making a virtual network wherever everything works seamlessly via one observation center of types.
  • Internet of things may be a big network of connected devices – all of that gather and share data concerning however they’re used and also the environments within which they’re operated.

This includes everything from you’re:

  • Washing machines to nearly everything that you simply will consider.
  • Mobile phones,
  • Refrigerator,
  • Efficient waste management and
  • Energy use
  • Traffic system,

So, begin thinking of some new excuse for coming back late to the workplace aside from traffic.

8) 3D printing to manufacture products

3D printing to manufacture product though 3D printers came in to existence in 1980s however they were very costly and not subtle enough to be utilized in traditional life.

The tremendous development in 3D printers has brought a replacement plan of putting in small scale factories on totally different geographical locations which will equally distribute employment opportunities throughout the planet.

CAD drawings are wont to print automobile and alternative components in these small factories, these technology trends in 2019 can pave path to historic period.

9) Big Data:

Big data deals with the issues that are related to process and storing different types of data. Most of the businesses these days, concerning big data analytics to realize large insight about their:

  • Customer,
  • product analysis,
  • Marketing initiatives and lots of additional.

Big Data

For finding big data issues Hadoop and Spark are the 2 most notable frameworks. For more info Hadoop Training in Bangalore

10) RPA (Robotic Process Automation):

  • RPA or Robotic method Automation permits you to change such routine and repetitive tasks.


The Top 10 technology trends in 2019 the trend of bots and machine learning is simply reaching to skyrocket, which implies RPA can become a useful ability to own.

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